Eye Care Center in Apex, NC: Staying Up to Date on Eyewear Advancements

Many people in need of refractive support for their eyes will definitely require prescription glasses and/or contact lenses. Some advances in eyewear technology, however, are being touted to make things easier for individuals with vision problems, even when these innovations are still in the developing stages. This is why a leading eye care center in Apex, NC such as Clarity Vision offers patients modern optical solutions and keeps up to date with the latest innovations that can eventually improve their services.

Personal Zoom Lens

One such advanced eyewear solution is already getting the optometric community excited about its potential. The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland, reported that it had successfully created a special contact lens equipped with small telescopes capable of 2.8x magnification. The latter function can be activated by simply winking the right eye, and returning to normal vision entails the winking of the left eye.