Optometrist Warns Contact Lens Wearers Against Risky Eye Behaviors

Are you taking care of your eyes while wearing your contacts? One in six American adults, or over 41 million people nationwide, wear contact lenses, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. If a recent study from the CDC is right, almost all of them are doing at least one behavior that increases their risk of eye infections.

Risky Behaviors

In a survey of approximately 1,000 respondents, the majority of them admitted to engaging in at least one risky behavior while wearing contact lenses. Among these said behaviors are sleeping overnight or napping while their contacts are still on, extending the recommended frequency of replacement for contacts, topping off their disinfecting solution, rinsing or storing lenses in tap water, or even swimming and showering with their contacts.

Frequent Exposure to Water

The authors of the study associated these problems with frequent exposure of lenses to water, which includes rinsing or storing lenses in tap water.


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