How Your Eye Doctor Can Detect and Diagnose New Diabetic Eye Problems

Type 2 diabetes is on the rise in children as well as adults. Even so, not all pediatricians are doing blood sugar testing or other screening tests for children who might be at risk. If type 2 diabetes goes undiagnosed, it may cause a child to develop eye damage. An eye doctor in Apex, NC offers a variety of screening tests and methods to detect diabetic eye damage and treat it before a child begins to experience vision loss.

Vision Symptoms Due to Diabetes

When you arrive at an eye care center, the vision care team will ask you and your child several questions about the reason for your visit. Diabetes may cause your child to experience a variety of vision symptoms even without a loss of vision. Some of the most common vision symptoms related to type 2 diabetes include floaters, blurry vision, double vision and rings or flashing lights. A child who has had untreated type 2 diabetes for a while may start to have difficulty seeing things out of the corners of his or her eyes.


When to Take Your Child to an Eye Care Center for an Expert Eye Exam

Proper 20/20 vision is not only essential for your child’s growth and development, but it is also critical to his or her success within school and in forming social relationships at home. While your child will have his or her eyes checked by a pediatrician, an eye doctor in Apex, NC has the right equipment to check for a wide variety of childhood eye and vision disorders. Even if your child is developing on schedule, it is important to have regular eye exams beginning in infancy in order to detect and treat any potential problems.

When You Suspect a Problem

If you suspect a problem with your baby’s or toddler’s vision, a visit to an eye care center in Apex NC can identify any issues that are present. The optometrists at a child eye care center routinely care for patients with congenital and developmental vision disorders.

Even Those with Good Vision Should Visit the Optometrist Regularly

Many in North Carolina mistakenly believe that they do not need to visit an eye doctor because their vision is fine. They think that only those with poor vision need to visit the optometrist. However, the truth of the matter is that visiting an eye doctor is the only way that patients can detect eye problems before they have symptoms.

The human eye is a mirror into the body. This means that when a person has a disease like diabetes, one of the first places to show symptoms is the eye. This alone underscores the importance of regular visits to the optometrist.