Regular Optometrist Visits and Other Ways to Keep Your Eyes in Check

Caring for your vision is one of the important things you should do to maintain the quality of your life. Yet many people, particularly the young, tend to take their eyesight for granted, only seeking help when they experience discomfort and vision problems. In truth, many known eye problems can be prevented through something as simple as regularly visiting your local eye care center such as Clarity Vision in Apex, NC.

Plan Your Meals

You are what you eat; so if you want to have good eyesight, make sure to eat the right kinds of food to keep your eyes in tiptop shape. Eat foods that are rich in nutrients such as omega 3, lutein, zinc, vitamin C and E. You can find them in green leafy vegetables, oily fish like tuna or salmon, and citrus fruits. Avoid eating sweet foods to minimize the risk of diabetes. Diabetes also causes eye problems in adults.


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