Eye Doctor: Everything That You Need to Know about Dry Eye Syndrome

Nobody likes a scratchy or gritty sensation in the eyes. This sensation is most likely due to dry eye syndrome, which is an uncomfortable condition that occurs when you don’t produce enough tears to keep your eyes lubricated, keeping you from naturally removing irritants from your eyes. Currently, it affects an estimated 4.88 million Americans. The good news is there are many ways to treat and prevent dry eye syndrome. Fortunately, our eye doctors in Apex, NC can tell you everything you need to know about this condition.


Dry eyes are generally a result of decreased production of tears or production of poor-quality tears that evaporate quickly, which can be caused by many factors. Some medical conditions that can lead to dry eyes are diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid disorders, and vitamin A deficiency. Read more on this article:


Experiencing these Early Glaucoma Signs? See an Eye Doctor Immediately

Here’s a disturbing fact about glaucoma: according to the Glaucoma Research Foundation, over 120,000 Americans have gone blind due to this ailment, which accounts for about 9-12% of vision-loss cases in the country.

What to Know about Glaucoma

So, what exactly is glaucoma? The eyes contain a clear fluid called aqueous humor, which circulates in the front area of the eyeball. This liquid drains out through the trabecular meshwork, a network of cells and tissues.

For reasons that are yet to be fully understood by medicine, the trabecular meshwork sometimes gets blocked, causing the aqueous humor to build up. As in a blocked drain pipe, the restricted flow causes pressure inside the eyes to build up, which in turn damages the optic nerves, eventually causing vision loss. Read more on this article:

As You Age, Conferring with Your Eye Doctor Is Just One Step to Health

As you age, you should consider your part in caring for your vision, alongside your long-trusted NC eye care center such as Clarity Vision of Apex. That’s because your eyesight will experience natural changes, like taking longer to adjust to changes in light, and becoming less sensitive to color tones. Here are several steps you can take to maintain good vision and eye health.

Keep yourself out of harm’s way

Caring for your eyes means caring for them physically – not just the intangible aspects of sight!

Keep yourself out of harm’s way to avoid falls, injuries, and other accidents that can cut, poke, or damage your eyes and eyelids. Install slip-proof rugs and railings in your house. Put cushions on the corners of sharp-edged tables. Use a cane or walker if you need one. Physical injuries to the eye can be just as ruinous as disease.

Eye Doctor Lists Eye-Friendly Foods that Maintain Good Eyesight

A lot must be done to maintain good eyesight as you age, and that includes eating the right foods. Carrots may be the first food that comes in mind whenever you’re thinking about eye-friendly foods, but, as an eye doctor would tell you, there’s more to an eye-friendly diet than carrots.

Important Vitamins for the Eyes

The intake of foods rich in vitamins C and E, zinc, lutein, zeaxanthin, and omega-3 fatty acids is important to maintain your eye health, especially as you grow older. These vitamins not only help prevent the formation of cataracts, but can also fight age-related macular degeneration, one of the most common causes of vision loss among the elderly.

Start Eating your Greens

Wondering what foods you’ll need to eat for healthier eyes? Begin by thinking green: spinach, broccoli, kale, and lettuce, in particular.

Five Telling Signs That Say You Need to Visit an Eye Doctor Today

Of all your senses, sight is arguably the most important. This is because you won’t be able to experience half the world if you can’t see its vibrant colors and beauty. This goes then without saying that you should keep them as healthy as possible. Maintaining a healthy eyesight also means scheduling a visit to an eye care center in Apex, NC.

The question is how often should you make an appointment with your Clarity Vision eye doctor? Most experts recommend that you should have a regular checkup at least once every couple of years. However, if you have any of the following five signs, you should go for an eye exam sooner than later.

Persistent Headache

There are eye issues that can cause frequent headaches, and they can come out once you’ve gone through an eye exam. While headaches can be caused by spending too much time in front of a computer or working in dim light or in an overly bright workplace, there could be more serious reasons.

How Your Eye Doctor Can Detect and Diagnose New Diabetic Eye Problems

Type 2 diabetes is on the rise in children as well as adults. Even so, not all pediatricians are doing blood sugar testing or other screening tests for children who might be at risk. If type 2 diabetes goes undiagnosed, it may cause a child to develop eye damage. An eye doctor in Apex, NC offers a variety of screening tests and methods to detect diabetic eye damage and treat it before a child begins to experience vision loss.

Vision Symptoms Due to Diabetes

When you arrive at an eye care center, the vision care team will ask you and your child several questions about the reason for your visit. Diabetes may cause your child to experience a variety of vision symptoms even without a loss of vision. Some of the most common vision symptoms related to type 2 diabetes include floaters, blurry vision, double vision and rings or flashing lights. A child who has had untreated type 2 diabetes for a while may start to have difficulty seeing things out of the corners of his or her eyes.

When to Take Your Child to an Eye Care Center for an Expert Eye Exam

Proper 20/20 vision is not only essential for your child’s growth and development, but it is also critical to his or her success within school and in forming social relationships at home. While your child will have his or her eyes checked by a pediatrician, an eye doctor in Apex, NC has the right equipment to check for a wide variety of childhood eye and vision disorders. Even if your child is developing on schedule, it is important to have regular eye exams beginning in infancy in order to detect and treat any potential problems.

When You Suspect a Problem

If you suspect a problem with your baby’s or toddler’s vision, a visit to an eye care center in Apex NC can identify any issues that are present. The optometrists at a child eye care center routinely care for patients with congenital and developmental vision disorders.

Why Everyone Should Go to an Eye Care Center for Regular Eye Exams

Visiting an eye care center for regular eye exams is important for everyone, regardless of age. It’s a common misconception that only older people should have their eyes examined. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicates it’s true that older people are more prone to vision problems but young ones may also have them. Eye exams are not only for determining whether a person needs prescription glasses but also for the early detection of conditions that can impair a person’s vision if not treated immediately. Below are some conditions that are of concern in eye exams.


This condition occurs when an eye is turned or has a significantly different prescription compared to the other. The brain responds by shutting off input from the affected eye. All About Vision points out that amblyopia can permanently impair the vision of the affected eye if not treated immediately.

Eye Care Center in Apex, NC: Staying Up to Date on Eyewear Advancements

Many people in need of refractive support for their eyes will definitely require prescription glasses and/or contact lenses. Some advances in eyewear technology, however, are being touted to make things easier for individuals with vision problems, even when these innovations are still in the developing stages. This is why a leading eye care center in Apex, NC such as Clarity Vision offers patients modern optical solutions and keeps up to date with the latest innovations that can eventually improve their services.

Personal Zoom Lens

One such advanced eyewear solution is already getting the optometric community excited about its potential. The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland, reported that it had successfully created a special contact lens equipped with small telescopes capable of 2.8x magnification. The latter function can be activated by simply winking the right eye, and returning to normal vision entails the winking of the left eye.

Tests at an Eye Care Center in Apex, NC Are Crucial to Eye Health

Your eyes are rather delicate and therefore require special care. They are your windows to the world, after all, and you mostly rely on vision as far as senses go. For this reason, you would do well to take heed of what institutions like the National Eye Institute (NEI) have to say about proper eye care.

Among other things, the NEI recommends eating right, maintaining a healthy weight, avoiding smoking, wearing protective eyewear for activities (such as sports), and giving your eyes enough rest. You might also be unaware that you already need corrective eyewear for common vision problems, and the only way to find out for certain is to see an eye doctor.”